Twitch Teams Up With Duracell For Madden 15 Tournament


One of the biggest problems I have with some of the newer gaming consoles is the battery lives of the new controllers. Outside of the Wii U’s Pro Controller (sold separately), they all seem to drain batteries fairly quickly. That’s why Duracell has teamed up with Twitch to host a Madden 15 tournament using controllers that operate using their rechargeable batteries, for a marathon-lengthy 26 hours of straight football action starting on Friday, January 16th at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST. They’ve even brought in some elite-level talent to join in on the action.

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As announced in a press release, the “Duracell Longest Lasting Tournament” will see regular online players face off against “Team Duracell,” which will combine the best of the Madden 15 gaming scene and some of the NFL’s best young athletes. Houston Texans RB Arian Foster, Oakland Raiders RB Maurice Jones-Drew and San Francisco 49ers LB Patrick Willis will make up the NFL players’ side of Team Duracell, while MaddenTips’ Stepthen Gibbons and Zach Farley, Eric “The Problem” Wright, Roneffect77, ImRoseBowl and HaShugz7 make up the professional gamers’ side.

Throughout the 26-hour Madden 15 marathon tournament, the person with the longest win-streak will win a Super Bowl prize package, including 2 tickets to this year’s Super Bowl XLIX. Those who don’t win the grand prize can compete for prize money of up to $5,000, autographed gear, a Duracell IonSpeed 4000 charger/rechargeable batteries and more. All participants can receive a Duracell/Twitch T-shirt commemorating that time they played Madden 15 for a very long amount of time at one sitting.

With a potential Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots/Colts and the Seahawks/Packers this year, there’s not really an easier shot for Madden 15 gamers (that don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on checking out the big game in person) to get tickets to a potentially compelling matchup. Plus, when else do you have a realistic shot at out-performing professional athletes in almost literally anything else?

You can pre-register for the Madden 15 tournament right now on the website. Good luck to all participants!

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