New Baldur’s Gate Game In Development, But Not ‘BG III’


Start working on lowering those THAC0 numbers; a new Baldur’s Gate game is in the works. This is according to the Beamdog studio, who recently released the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on mobile devices and acts as a digital distributor. In their “Beamblog,” they reveal that the “Adventure Y” game they’ve been working on is really a new addition to the Baldur’s Gate series, “bridging the gap between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition.”

There’s not much known about the new Baldur’s Gate addition, outside of the fact that it will use the old Infinity Engine, known for the isometric 3D visuals of the past. That tidbit of information comes from a post on the Baldur’s Gate forums, where the first images of “Adventure Y” made an appearance back in October.

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Capping off the slate of “Dungeons & Dragons in video game form” news comes from a recent AMA with the development team at Beamdog, and the possibility of crafting a Baldur’s Gate III using the ruleset from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Beamdog writer Amber Scott covers this in the blog post, saying that, “We’d be lying if we said we never think about doing a Baldur’s Gate III game, so we won’t say that. But we will say there’s nothing in the works yet regarding BGIII or a 5th edition game. That doesn’t mean the opportunity will never arise, though, so we’re preparing by starting a tabletop 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons game here in the office.”

While some may be upset in a potential Baldur’s Gate III that doesn’t use Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, after going through a fair bit of time with 5E, I’d say that it could still be fairly interesting to utilize in a game world. The rules have been made simpler in a way that doesn’t stifle simplicity of play, rather, to facilitate a wider set of play opportunities that come up in an imaginative session. I’d be more than willing to see what Beamdog could do if such an opportunity to develop BG III should arise, but at the same time want to see what this stop-gap Baldur’s Gate entry could be.

We’ll have to wait until late-Spring to hear more about “Adventure Y” and its development process.

h/t Gamenguide

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