Halo 5 ‘Flinch’ Reaction Being Removed


Halo multiplayer has changed throughout the ages, albeit usually in small modifications or aspect changes. The biggest jump from previous games to Halo 4, however, was the “flinch-like” change when zooming in on shots, where your aiming reticle would move if you got hit by enemy weapons, while still maintaining a zoom. This was a big alteration from the usual, where you would drop your zoom view and the aiming reticle would move. The best way to describe it is to see it in action, with a video provided below.

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It looks like the “flinch” from Halo 4 now will be removed completely, as Kotaku is reporting that the developers had meant to take it out prior to the Halo 5 multiplayer beta release to the public. 343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes has been answering queries from fans on Twitter, including one asking why flinch was still in Halo 5. He then responded with the following quote; “We’re aware of a couple of reaction [animations] that are causing a slight flinch-like effect. It will be fixed post-beta.”

While I’m not deeply ingratiated with the Halo 5 mulitplayer beta just yet, there seems to be a general consensus from fans that see it as a positive. I mean, it makes sense. Halo 5, after keeping sprinting and including aiming down sights, needs to do its best to convince players it’s not rapidly turning into Call of Duty. Flinch seemed to be similar in the vein of “shooting first gives you an overwhelming advantage” that the modern warfare series has enjoyed in the mid-late 2000’s, so for it to be gone will help to ease the minds of those who previously felt Halo’s uniqueness as an FPS seemingly evaporate in front of their very eyes.

Perhaps more $250 Collector’s Edition pre-orders of Halo 5 (without visual aids or pertinent content information) are in store for Microsoft?

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