Steam Holiday Sale 2014: Day 8 Deals


If you’re looking to actually enjoy online gaming right now at Christmas (thanks, LS), Steam is the virtual place to be. Right now, they have entered the second week of their two-week-long Steam Holiday Sale, where prices have been cut deeper than the Christmas movie scraped from the bottom of the barrel that’s broadcasting on your local TV station right now.

Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Featured Deals:

Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Flash Deals

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Voting for yesterday’s Community Choice is complete, and the winner, with a 80% discount, is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, for $3.99. Its competitors, Slender: The Arrival and Halo: Spartan Assault, are also on sale for a 70% discount. You can vote now between Postal 2, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Hero Siege. The winner will go on sale tomorrow at a 90% discount, and a new vote will be posted.

Of course, those are just the featured deals on the front page. You can search the Steam library and look at hundreds of titles that are on sale for the holidays. The search function is awesome and lets you search by genre or price or title, so if you have your eye on a specific game or are just browsing for something new, it’s easy to find the right game.

Check back here at GameSided each day of the Steam sale for updates on what the daily deals are!

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