Resident Evil HD on PlayStation Is Cross-Buy, With A Catch…


One of PlayStation’s best offerings across its platforms is when they are able to support cross-buy on their home and handheld consoles. Why buy multiple versions of the same game when you can buy it once on one platform and receive the other versions for free when you choose to? That’s why it’s great to hear that Resident Evil HD will support cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, albeit with one caveat; you need to pre-order the game on PSN.

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You can read more about the lead up to Resident Evil HD on the Capcom Blog, with the news update also letting us know that pre-ordering the game can also let you pre-load leading up to the release date this coming January. If you’re also into getting your own Resident Evil UI theme, that too comes with pre-ordering the game.

I don’t inherently like the idea of amazing functions and features of games (especially the likes of cross-buy) locked behind pre-orders. However, when it comes to Resident Evil HD, the base game that this remaster is created upon will have existed almost 19 years prior when it is released. Even the Gamecube Remake, the title that is getting the HD rendering, will be close to 13 years old. Resident Evil is easily viewable on Youtube right now for those interested in getting a taste before they want to buy. There is enough ways for the consumer to know what they’re getting before they buy, and hopefully reviews will be out in enough time for consumers to make pre-order final decisions, too.

Resident Evil HD will be released on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on January 20th. If you are interested in that pre-order incentive, you can pre-order the game on PS4 and PS3 right now, respectively.

h/t GameSpot

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