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News Flash: Destiny Is Still Insanely Popular


Throw Destiny into the pile of games that are proven to be popular despite Google searches insisting nobody plays them, as Destiny is still really popular among the gaming community. The proof comes from an end-of-year update from the developers at Bungie, who report that the game has seen 12,869,066 individual players play the game. The result: 22,932,276 individual characters created in a system that allows for three on an account, and 872,404,449 hours collectively spent playing.

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If you’re not inclined to do the math, that’s why I’m here! It adds up to averaging just over 38 hours of Destiny play per individual character created, and an average of just under 68 hours played per Destiny account. When factoring the fact that high-end players tend the skew the hours played total upwards, while keeping in mind that not everybody enjoyed the game to an enamored degree, it goes to show just how much of a grind is involved when playing MMO-type console shooters.

That’s not to say that everyone who is playing Destiny is enjoying the accomplishment of high-level victory. The raid boss Atheon, of the Vault of Glass raid, has been conquered 2.4 million times, whereas Crota’s End boss, Crota, has been defeated only 769 times. The new DLC that Crota’s End comes from only launched in late December, however, as expansions for Destiny continue to roll out. That number will rise greatly as more players level up over time and learn effective boss strategies.

What does this all mean? Well, with almost 13 million players, you’d have to think that Activision is at least making headways into their $500 million investment of the Destiny franchise. It will be interesting to see the sales figures for the game for the fiscal end quarter of 2014, factoring in the base game and seeing how many people bought into the first expansion. With Call of Duty sales beginning to slump, perhaps Destiny will be Activision’s newest cash cow.

h/t Eurogamer

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