Super Smash Bros on Wii U, 3DS No Longer Balancing Roster


Are you upset with the way Diddy Kong plays compared to other characters in online and offline matches? Wished that Sora Ltd. or Bandai Namco would push through to make Charizard play better against the competition? Those dreams are dashed, apparently, as Event Hubs has spotted a Famitsu interview with Super Smash Bros game director Masahiro Sakurai, who responds thusly to questions about roster balancing or adjustments via future patches:

"We don’t have any such plans, but at the very least we will be working on a few things connected to the online play experience, bit by bit. If we were to do something like tweak characters’ customized special moves, then there’d be no end to it. But with that said, if there are any glaring issues, we may address them."

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As someone who has thoroughly played Super Smash Bros on Wii U leading up to, and post-release, and have played many online matches, there doesn’t seem to be as terrible a balancing situation with the current-generation version as I’d initially thought. When it comes to any game that can exist within the realm of FGC, however, there will tend to be outcries from players who used to main with competitively-viable characters that are upset that they’re not as strong as before. Same goes for characters that have been made more powerful in this new game.

Regardless, for the overall multiplayer scene, Smash Bros for Wii U plays fairly just across all characters. For those with bad recoveries are given strong attacks, while quick characters need to rely on landing more attacks to make up for their ability to make it back to the stage proper. If this is where balancing ends for the current roster of characters, I’d be more than happy. If future DLC characters arrive and the current balance doesn’t stay in check, however, we have a different story on our hands.

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