Sony Pictures In Works To Make A Mario Bros. Movie


Remember that Sony email leak about a week ago? Well, people are still scouring through what was released in order to find out new information about the company. While some discovered sad Paul Reiser “Mad About You” inquiries or Joel McHale trying to get a free TV after Sony cancelled Community, others have discovered very surprising news about the games industry. For example, Sony Pictures is in talks to acquire the rights to make a Mario Bros. movie.

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This comes from Buzzfeed’s news desk (who knew that they did anything other than curate bad-quality Tumblr gifs?), who have uncovered internal emails from producer Avi Avad indicating that he is “the proud father of mario the animated film [sic].” Another email forwarded to Sony Pictures subsidiary head Tom Rothman, from Sony Studio Chief Amy Pascal, indicated “Avi closed Mario brothers. Animated.” This is enough to indicate that Sony is, at least, in works to produce an animated Mario Bros. film.

However, “in works” seems to be as close as it gets so far, as Avi Arad denied that the deal had been closed, stating that negotiations with Nintendo were “just the beginning.” It makes sense, as it appears that Pascal made a leap of logic in order to drum up interest in the project getting completed.

Regardless, it would be interesting to see how an animated Mario Bros movie would exactly work. The magic in the characters is their stoicism, and they are not ones to be that big of talkers. I’m not sure how an entire film of “Let’s a go!” and “Mama mia!” would translate over 90-120 minutes of film. However, the merchandising opportunities for Nintendo and the financial return for Sony means it would make more than enough sense to at least try it out.

With Nintendo’s reluctance to give others control of their property, especially to a console competitor in Sony, we’ll have to see if a Mario Bros. film project will ever be greenlit.

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