Dying Light Aiming At 1080p Resolution, 30 FPS on PS4


When you thought that the extent of which gaming news would be revealed via social media would reach the limit of Twitter, game designers of Dying Light have taken it one step further. Somebody asked Maciej Binkowski, lead designer of the game, a question on Ask.fm about Dying Light’s resolution and frames per second on the PS4. His response was simple: “1080p 30 FPS.”

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An additional statement from a Techland representative, on behalf of Dying Light, was made to GameSpot, relaying that 1080p/30 FPS is what Techland says is “sure we can deliver in the final product. But the work is still ongoing, and even though we have no more than two weeks left, things can still change.” The representative could not confirm if the Xbox One version would also be able to hit 1080p and 30 FPS.

With a late-January release, we won’t be in the dark about the resolution differences between console versions of Dying Light for long. The PC version, if you have the rig set up for it, should still be the platform to pick it up on, as it will hopefully provide a 60 FPS output. It should be able to with its strong PC optimum requirements, including an i5 4670K CPU and an Nvidia 780 graphics card.

Dying Light will be released on January 27th, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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