China Will Receive PS4, PS Vita In January 2015


It’s not just Xbox One in the console market over in China now, as Sony has confirmed the launch of the PS4 and PS Vita in the region for very early January 2015. In fact, both devices will be released in China in exactly one month from now (January 11th), with the PS4 retailing at 2,899 Chinese Yuan ($468 US) and the PS Vita retailing at 1,299 ($210 US).

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The PS4 will launch in China as the standard 500 GB HDD + controller package, while the PS Vita will only include the 1 GB internal memory. Dozens of third-party publishers and developers will work to be content to China, including EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Warner Bros, Disney, Bethesda, Codemasters, CD Projekt, Focus, Halfbrick and Nordic Games from the West. Of course, Chinese gaming companies like Modian and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development will also be working to bring games to the PS4 in China, as well.

What’s most interesting to Chinese consumers will be the price. At 2,899 CY, the PS4 is substantially cheaper than the vanilla version of the Xbox One in China, which retails at 3,699 CY ($598 US) or at 4,299 CY ($695 US) when including the Kinect. Either way you look at it, to see console competition in China after a 14-year ban on such gaming devices will make 2015 a great year for console gaming in the country.

h/t MCV UK

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