Phil Spencer Vows To Make Amends For Street Fighter V


Xbox One fighting game fans were obviously none too happy with the news that Street Fighter V is a PS4 console exclusive. And all points indicate that it’s not just a timed exclusive. But Xbox head Phil Spencer vowed to “make amends” for Street Fighter V responding to fans on Twitter.

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Now of course what Spencer means by “making amends” for Street Fighter V is anybody’s guess. One tweet indicated that Spencer would rather double down on Microsoft’s own fighting game franchise, Killer Instinct.

Of course, I don’t think heavily investing in Killer Instinct would be very satisfactory for anybody who wants Street Fighter V. Arguably Microsoft with their massive financial resources, could lock up a top competing fighting series like Mortal Kombat, even if it was just a timed exclusive. Honestly more likely is that they’ll just pay Capcom whatever to make Super Street Fighter V Alpha of whatever and have that be the Xbox one version will some exclusive content (like maybe even a couple fighters from Killer Instinct). We’ll just have to wait and see what exactly Spencer means by “making amends:.


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