Destiny Weekly Strike Locked Behind DLC This Week


In a truly crummy move that should receive backlash throughout most facets of the games industry, Destiny has started to lock out some of its vanilla gameplay options to those who do not buy their DLC. This week’s weekly heroic strike is “The Will of Crota,” and since it is part of Destiny’s first expansion, “The Dark Below,” non-DLC owners cannot participate. The same goes for this week’s Nightfall strike.

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As Kotaku mentions, the weekly strike is an important function of Destiny post-level 20, providing the opportunity to help effectively power up your character with rewards and powerful gear. By preventing players who choose not to spend $20 access, they are missing out on the opportunity to get 3 strange coins, 3 Vanguard Marks, a Cryptarch Engram and a boost of 150 Reputation with the Vanguard this week.

Speaking of Engrams, it appears also that the level 26 Strike playlist is the only playlist that will reward Engrams. This will hamper the opportunities previously available for non-DLC owners to improve their item progression without a push aimed at DLC content.

There’s no way of knowing the frequency of when Destiny expansion content will be featured as the weekly heroic strike, as it is an ongoing gameplay feature that can likely be adapted with some legwork. Hopefully that is the case, as it is downright foolish, and arguably greedy, to prevent base-game players from perpetuating core gameplay events, that they have enjoyed since launch, in a sole effort to incentivize them to pay more than they already have for the game. Right now, even if they do this with only one in five weeks, when weekly strikes are so engrained in player progression at high levels it is a slap in the face to unwilling base-game purchasers to prevent substantial chances for improvement for any length of time.

Plus, with more expansions in the horizon, the opportunities for vanilla players of Destiny to be held out of content going forward is only likely to increase. Activision desperately wants to avoid thinking of their game as an MMO. By overtly restricting gameplay options for those who do not buy their scheduled expansions packs, in an effort to continue getting players to pay more than $60 for their game at any expense, their business model is sure starting to make their game look like an MMO.

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