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Yakuza 5 Coming To North America, Europe


As revealed at yesterday’s PlayStation Experience event, and re-confirmed on The PlayStation Blog, Yakuza 5 will be making its way overseas. It will receive localization, and will be released digitally exclusively on the PlayStation 3’s PSN. Additionally, to tide over Western fans as they eagerly anticipate the newest entry that dives in the tales of Kamurocho’s finest, Yakuza 4 and Yakuza spin-off Yakuza: Dead Souls has already become available on the PS3’s PlayStation Network.

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This is excellent news for fans of the Yakuza series, as Yakuza 5’s English language confirmation provides hope for the future titles. Sega has been slipping their North American releases of the series later and later post-development, with Yakuza 5 to be released in North America more than 2 years after its Japanese release.

It’s a niche genre that doesn’t sell all too well outside of Japan, due to its geographically-oriented content, concepts and style. Following the mobster life of Kiryu and his ragtag compatriots across several games is a treat, which is why I’m not upset that Yakuza 5 won’t receive a physical release. We’re seemingly lucky enough to see the series continue in North America!

You can check out the announcement trailer for Yakuza 5 below. It is coming exclusively to PS3 digitally in 2015. You should pick up Yakuza 4 via the PlayStation Store whenever you can, however it’s $19.99 right now. Same goes for Yakuza: Dead Souls, which is a zombie survival-horror re-imagining of the Kamurocho life. That’s non-canon, so do with that knowledge what you will.

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