The Game Awards 2014 Game of the Year Is…


Releasing just less that three weeks ago, Dragon Age: Inquisition has won The Game Awards 2014’s Game of the Year award. BioWare has managed to overcome a small level of adversity after some of the criticisms of Dragon Age II, and have done so in a big way. The Game of the Year award was selected by a large panel of journalists across the world, from as East as Reviews on the Run’s Victor Lucas in Vancouver, Canada and as West as Famitsu’s Katsuhiko Hayashi in Japan.

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With over 80 hours of content, incredible RPG mechanics, an open world more vast than the likes of its competition and a strong story with stronger characters, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a deserving winner. You will see GameSided’s Game of the Year lists in very early 2015, however it wouldn’t be a surprise, with its potential, to strive for a top pick of 2014. For now, BioWare will have to settle on an excellently designed Game Awards statue from the Geoff Keighley-produced program.

Speaking of, Geoff Keighley did an excellent job tonight with The Game Awards 2014. Not only did he arrange and financially manage the award show, but was able to combine cool game premieres with touching moments. Listening to Zelda music played acoustically and on the piano was such a brilliant treat after Dragon Age: Inquisition won its award. Hats off to him.

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