TGA 2014: Adrift Announced For Summer 2015


Imagine yourself drifting in space after a massive accident. Debris everywhere and only your breathing and an alarm blaring emergency alerts. No, you’re not just dreaming of yourself watching Gravity in an empty IMAX theater, you’re playing Adrift.

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Developer Adam Orth took the stage today at the game awards to formally announce his new project Adrift. In collaboration with ThreeOneZero and 505 Games, Adam Orth showed us our first sneak peek. Much has previously been written about this game as developer Adam Orth has previously said Adrift was being created to demonstrate some of what it felt like to be in the eye of the storm after his controversial tweet regarding Microsoft’s Always-On Internet policies surrounding their Xbox One system. Below you can see a trailer showing you some of the early moments from Adrift.

Adrift will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift in Summer 2015.

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