Ni No Kuni Studio Developing New PS4 Title


Level-5, the studio that brought you Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Professor Layton Games and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, has revealed in a live stream event that they plan on announcing a new PS4 title at E3 2015. Company head Akihiro Hino was on hand to pass along this information, Gematsu reports.

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The live stream had been arranged to promote White Knight Chronicles II, a free game on PlayStation Plus users in Japan this month. It seemed as best a time as any to reveal the new project, one that seeks to “exceed the ‘White Knight Chronicles’ of epic.” The use of the word “epic,” in this sense, seems to be used in terms of scale, as the game seems to play as an 80-hour game (small sample size noted).

I’m going to put myself out there; I wasn’t a big fan of what Level-5 created with Ni No Kuni. Its multi-character-controlled gameplay style resulted in poor AI inputs. Furthermore, the questing and side quest repetition created a poorer sense of pacing to my tastes. That said, its thematic and visual tone was absolutely spectacular. Whatever Level-5 is developing for the PS4 (additional platforms have not been announced at this time), hopefully it takes the best parts of Ni No Kuni and apply it to a fully realized new world to explore.

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