Sunset Overdrive Free For 24 Hours Saturday On Xbox Live Gold


There’s nothing better than free, and this Saturday, for a 24 hour period, it will pertain to Xbox One’s newest exclusive. As explained on the Major Nelson blog, Sunset Overdrive will have full access for Xbox Live Gold members starting from November 22nd at 12:01 AM EST, and will go until Sunday morning. All progress and achievements made will be saved and carry over, should one decide to pick up the game at a later date.

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Even though I wasn’t so hot on the game, a great deal more people enjoyed the third-person shooter that amalgamated Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk and Infamous. The best way to know for yourself is to get in and play Sunset Overdrive for yourself. Plus, with a 24-hour window, there’s more than enough time to cover the 9 hours it took me to complete the main story mission. Plus, there are a good number more of challenges, side missions and near 800 collectibles that will eat up the remaining time. There’s also the whole “having to sleep sometime within a 24 hour period” thing that most will have to deal with.

All in all, it’s great to see Microsoft give something back to their fans after the first year of the Xbox One on store shelves. 24 hour free gameplay windows will go a long way in repairing the public’s view of how Microsoft treats their customers, after that whole “DRM/24 hour check-in” fiasco that plagued early public perception. Some will argue that unlimited Sunset Overdrive access in a 24 hour period shouldn’t be hidden behind Xbox Live Gold, however it’s a small price to pay in an ongoing service that provides games and discounts. And, now, timed full-gameplay demos.

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