NBC Is Finally Killing G4


G4, the former network for gamers all about video games, has been more or less in its death throes for a long time now. After an aborted attempt to re-brand & re-name the network the Esquire Channel, parent company NBCUniversal still let it air for awhile, but not with any new programming, just repeats of Lost, X-Play & Ninja Warrior along with the occasional movie. Now they are finally letting G4 die in favor of Style, which NBCUniversal stated fits their image more & has crossover appeal with their other channels such as Bravo, E! and Oxygen.

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Bonnie Hammer, chairman of the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group had this to say:

"Style presents brand overlap within our portfolio. Esquire Network, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to introduce a lifestyle network that speaks to an upscale male audience underserved in the current marketplace"

I remember G4 launching back when I was in college and just watching it for hours and hours even with the limited programming because I believed the concept was cool and really wanted to support it. I feel more like a lot of bad management decisions doomed that channel before it ever really got the chance to get going, especially when they basically tried to ape Spike TV in the later years and eventually just got to a point where it was nowhere near the original spirit and vision anymore. There’s obviously an audience for game-focused networks, but it would probably have to take a different approach than your usual cable channel to get gamers to tune in.


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