Goat Simulator To Receive Free ‘MMO’ Update


I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of games like Goat Simulator. The whole “simulation simulator” genre, which skews the idea of what a simulator should be by mocking it in its entirety, plus letting glitches stay in because “that’s the joke,” is creatively and technologically lazy. That said, you’re out of your goat damn mind if you think I don’t respect what they’re doing when it comes to their free MMO content updates.

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That’s right, free new DLC is coming out for Goat Simulator on November 20th, with “Goat MMO Simulator” parodying what MMO’s seem to all be about these days. There are six starting classes, including Tank, Rogue, Magician, Hunter, Microwave and No Class. You even get  a tool bar, a chat box and XP for defeating your enemies and completing quests. All of this was made for free, just because all these months ago Coffee Stain Studios’ fans have been clamoring for an “MM-Goat.”

Just how fully realized this fantasy world, with its programmed-in high queue times, is yet to be seen. However, you have to keep in mind that Goat Simulator came out on April 1st this year, and already provided one free content update. Giving out another more than 7 months down the line is just a cherry on the top, and is the kind of post-launch scheme more development studios should adapt.

Goat MMO Simulator is scheduled for a November 20th release.

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