New Nintendo 2DS Comes In Crystal Red, Blue


The Nintendo 2DS may be a niche product, but it definitely serves a purpose. Children shouldn’t be viewing stereoscopic 3D images at such a young age, and removing that functionality also makes the SKU price very affordable for a handheld console. Now, Nintendo will be offering a Crystal Blue and Crystal Red case to provide more aesthetic options this November 21st, as announced in a press release.

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Launching alongside Pokemon ORAS (Omega Red, Alpha Sapphire), each version will retail at a suggested price of $99.99. Semi-translucent, it harkens back more to the Gameboy Advance days than what you’d see recently in see-through handhelds of today. This is mostly to its color sheen and its design as one solid object, rather than a folding object like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

In that respect, it seems odd that the Nintendo 2DS isn’t launching without bundling either Pokemon ORAS game, even if not at a $5 savings. While it’s entirely possible retailers will make their own makeshift versions, an official offering would be a better way to promote these new kid-friendly handhelds when kids and their parents are buying the hot new Pokemon games. Either way, these new Crystal Blue and Red handhelds will be available a week before Black Friday, so make sure to look out for any possible deals before deciding to pick one up.

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