Just Cause 3 Revealed!


Announcing their cover story for December, Game Informer has revealed that Just Cause 3 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015. Above, you can find a bit of a preview trailer featuring snippets of the developer Avalanche Studios discussing their process behind making Just Cause 3.

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I really enjoyed the little bits of Just Cause 2 I played. Parachuting over the island, dropping in on unsuspecting bases, and shooting up a crazy island was a pretty amazing experience and Just Cause 3 looks like it will be continuing those crazy antics and even more. They talk about flying around in a wingsuit and all I can think of is a reimagining of the Transformers wingsuit drop scene over Chicago but instead to take out hapless dictator drones. I can’t wait to see and share more with you all about Just Cause 3 in the future.

(h/t) GameInformer

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