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2015 Amiibo Figures Include Sonic, Shulk, Mega Man


We haven’t even gotten our hands on the first set of Nintendo’s Amiibo figures yet, but we are already getting a good look at the first two waves coming out next year.

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These 11 Amiibo characters, which include characters like King Dedede, Metaknight, & Lucario will come in two waves and start being available in Japan in January. There is currently no word on a US release date for these figures, but I’d expect to see them in the states not horribly long after they come out in Japan.

The real interesting thing of note is the Mega Man & Sonic Amiibo figures. Sure, as they are in Smash Bros, and everyone in Smash Bros seems due for an Amiibo figure at some point, it makes sense. But they are also 3rd party characters, which opens up a lot of possibilities beyond Nintendo franchises. Will we see more third-party Amiibo figures in the future? Let’s hope.


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