EA Access Subscribers Get To Play Dragon Age Inquisition 6 Days Early


Want to get an early taste of Bioware’s latest role-playing epic, Dragon Age: Inquisition before it actually hits stores on November 18th? Well You’ll need an Xbox One and a subscription to EA Access.

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Simply put, if you are subscribed to Electronic Arts EA Access program, which provides free games, discounts for upcoming digital purchases of games, and the ability to play games before release; you’ll get access to a meaty 6 hours of the game starting November 13th. If you order the game digitally and are subscribed to EA Access, you’ll get it at a 10% discount.

People might’ve been pretty skeptical of EA Access at first, but between the discounts, early access and free games, it’s sounding like a pretty good value to me. And EA Access being only available on the Xbox One makes it a very easy choice which version to get if you have multiple options.


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