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Destiny’s The Dark Below Will Have Free Content


Still playing Destiny but not wanting to pony up $20 for The Dark Below? Don’t worry, you’ll still get some new free content when the expansion releases in December.

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What will that content be, you ask? According to Bungie, it will be in the form new weapons and armor, along with new daily bounties and the addition of 5 bounty slots, allowing you to take on 10 bounties at once. If you want any new strikes, story missions, etc. you will have to pay the $20 for The Dark Below expansion.

It’s good to know that Bungie isn’t leaving people who don’t buy The Dark Below completely in the cold. Will the expansion be worth $20 and will it help Destiny remain relevant? We won’t really know the answer until The Dark Below releases on December 9th. I do plan on playing it and giving my impressions in my monthly Destiny Report, so keep an eye out for that here on GameSided.


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