Check Out The First 24 Minutes Of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Can’t wait til Tuesday to see the first chunk of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Well We’ve got the first 24 minutes for you right here in this video below, obviously if you don’t want any spoilers for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, do not watch the video:

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Obviously Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is carrying a lot on its shoulders after the somewhat underwhelming sales & critical reception of Call of Duty: Ghosts combined with the fact that Destiny, while successful, was not to this console generation what the original Modern Warfare was to the last generation, which is most likely what Activision was aiming for with that game. Will Advanced Warfare inject some much needed life into the Call of Duty series, both critically and sales-wise? I will say it’s the one I’ve had the most interest in since the original Modern Warfare, so hopefully that interest pans out and Call of Duty starts this gen on an upswing rather a continuing downward slide.


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