Youtube 60FPS Video Support Is Now Live


In an albeit-quiet release, Youtube 60 FPS videos are now permitted to be uploaded and displayed on their website. It was announced to be in the works earlier in the year, yet now Google Chrome users watching videos at 720p and above can watch games footage at their own leisure.

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Youtube gaming video creators should be aware that recording 60 FPS may not be supported by their capture devices. For example, Elgato released a 60 FPS-specific device specifically to tackle this issue for recording console-based games. It’s much easier right now to do so with games on PC, as DxTory and Fraps don’t necessarily require HDMI In/Out re-working or cable management to get working properly. Plus, the way games are still being developed these days, you’re more likely to encounter 60 FPS play on PC’s to this day than on consoles.

With Youtube 60 FPS videos finally in the books, Youtube still has some work left to do on its prior announcements. Donations from tip jars not only allow subscribers or viewers to say thanks with a $1+ donation, but offer the opportunity for gaming content creators to pursue video series’ via donated support that would not have allowed them to monetize. I’m looking at you, Nintendo/Konami! Plus, fan-submitted translations, captions and subtitles will just make sharing video content that much easier on an international scale.

It’s an interesting time for gaming content on Youtube.

h/t Kotaku

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