Enter Destiny’s The Dark Below December 9th


Destiny‘s content getting a little thin for you? Want something more? Well you’ll have just a little longer to wait as the game’s first expansion, The Dark Below will be available on December 9th.

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In case you haven’t been keeping up, The Dark Below will retail for $19.99, but if you are into Destiny for the long haul, you can still save a few bucks in the long run by buying the season pass for $34.99 which will also get you the next expansion, House of Wolves when that hits sometime next year. The Dark Below raises the light level cap from 30 to 32 (not a big jump but given how Destiny’s post 20 leveling works, that could still take awhile to reach), provides some new story missions along with three new multi-player arenas and some new gear as well. In addition, there will be a new raid as well as a co-op strike for Guardians to test their mettle against as well. Finally, if you get The Dark Below on PS4, you get an exclusive strike, The Undying Mind and an exotic weapon, and “more”.

Sounds like a solid influx of sorely needed new content for the game, the question is, will what Destiny has now still be enough to keep players around until then?


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