Star Wars X-Wing, Tie Fighter Re-Released Today


For those that have been waiting literal decades for the classic Star Wars flight simulation games to be re-released and available digitally, your wait is finally over. GoG has reached a deal with Disney to bring Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Tie Fighter and other classic Lucasfilm games to their platform, all DRM-free.

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Originally, the announcement was to be made today as it went live, however the announcements were discovered by some keen eyes in the GoG forums. That led to the discovery of 30 games coming to their service, which was then officially commented on by GoG after their hand was forced. There are only a few games available now, including The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max Hit The Road. More titles will be coming in the weeks ahead.

I have faint memories of Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter as a kid, watching my dad use his old 90’s-era joystick to fly space craft for both the rebels and the republic. Since then I have had fleeting experiences with trying to boot it up on newer computers, only to have compatability and crashing issues. Bringing these much-requested games to GoG is a big get for the site, and I do have to give it up to Disney for starting to properly handle the Star Wars IP in gaming. Now, just bring back Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the PC and I can die happy!

h/t Polygon

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