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Bloodborne Devs: 30fps Is Best For Action Games


Think everything should be 60fps these days? Well the developers at From Software don’t think it’s best for their upcoming action-rpg coming out exclusively for PS4, Bloodborne.

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Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa that while no official announcement has been made, the team is most likely targeting 30fps, as they feel it’s better for action games.

"From the beginning, they weren’t targeting 60fps because it’s not first-person-shooter, it’s an action game"

I’ve always felt the importance of 30fps vs. 60fps (and 900p vs. 1080p for that matter) is way overblown, and continued evidence of of devs making a choice between the two that they feel serves the game better is pretty good evidence of that. Everything we’ve seen of Bloodborne is excellent, even if it is “only” running at 30fps. We’ll see Bloodborne in all it’s 30fps glory when the title comes exclusively to PS4 in February of next year.


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