PS4 Receiving Major Update Patch Tomorrow


As opposed to Microsoft’s monthly software updates, Sony has opted to do grander updates with several months between. Perhaps it is a way of avoiding comparisons to the PS3’s repeated firmware updates, which were a sore spot for the system’s OS. Almost a year later after launching in North America, the PS4 2.0 patch will go live on Tuesday, October 28th, according to the PlayStation Blog.

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Codenamed Masamune, PS4 2.0 will sport a plethora of new features, plus advancements to the how the system operates. The Share Play function that allows you and a friend to play in online co-op games (even if they don’t own a copy of the game) is coming. Youtube functions, including sharing video directly to Youtube and a new Youtube app, are going live tomorrow. Themes and colors are getting added in, with two free themes for Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ready to download.

Rounding out the list are improvements to the functionality of the PS4. For example, search filters, archives and more are being added to the streaming services, including the ability to follow your favorite streamers in-system. Additional filters and a redesign are coming to the PS4 library. You will be able to play music from a USB, plus expansions to the Live Broadcasting and activity feeds are in store. Finally, what may be the MVP of this update; you can now pause and resume downloads in order to prioritize how you want to download content in which order.

While it’s great to see the PS4 add in more features that it promised long ago, the fact remains is that owners are still waiting for its biggest launch promises, including the suspend-resume functionality. Promoted at the PS4 reveal event, the ability to keep the system running in a low-power state in order to resume gameplay quickly upon powering up again is still not around. Nor is the support for DLNA servers, which continues to be upsetting seeing as Sony backed its creation in 2003. Hopefully, it won’t be another year before these two issues are addressed.

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