Twitch Plays Pokemon Is Still A Thing, And They’re Playing Smash Bros


Remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? The Twitch stream where, at its peak, thousands of users attempted to play a Pokemon game by inputting commands all at the same time? It was fabulous and chaotic and they somehow managed to complete all of the Pokemon games (one from each “set”) from Pokemon Red to Pokemon X. Pokemon X was finished via a special hardware modification that allows direct control of inputs onto a 3DS. The game was also set up for wi-fi connectivity, so that other players worldwide could trade or battle with Twitch.

The stream inspired plenty of spin-offs, including RNG Plays Pokemon Crystal and Fish Plays Pokemon, where the controls in the Pokemon game were inputted based on the movements of a beta fish.

Anyway, this crazy thing is still alive, and is two days away from playing the Pokemon ORAS demo. Right now, they’re playing Super Smash Bros 3DS, which is a chaotic game to begin with, but is made even more insane by the constant stream of disconnected inputs from Twitch users. As I write this, they’re trying with little success (give them time) to unlock Koopa Kid, though I understand they unlocked Duck Hunt Dog with little difficulty.

Currently the stream has plans to play Omega Ruby beginning the day after it comes out, and it looks like they’re setting up for a second “season” next year, beginning with Pokemon Red in January. Though their following has decreased significantly, the community is still strong and the invented lore on the subreddit is still really weird and interesting. Twitch Plays Pokemon’s survivability is just further proof that the Internet is a really awesome and weird place for communities.

h/t Kotaku

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