Now ‘Fish Plays Pokemon Red’ On Twitch Is A Thing


Whenever a cultural phenomena occurs, two things start showing up in droves. The first is detractors, while the second is imitators. It looks like, when it comes to Twitch Play Pokemon (which recently concluded all titles in the series), its imitators are even more creative. One Twitch user has hacked a copy of Pokemon Red so that his fish, named Grayson, can operate the game’s controls by swimming around his fish bowl. It’s called “Fish Plays Pokemon.

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Going on for upwards of 134 hours at press time, Fish Plays Pokemon has understandably not done much at this point. Grayson has, however, gone down the stairs, out to the high grass, picked his Pokemon (a Charmander named “AAAABBK”) and defeated the rival. Since then, he’s been stuck in his house, moving left and right to little entertainment value. Understandably because of the sheer tedium, Fish Plays Pokemon is only attracting…wait, over 13,500 concurrent viewers at press time? That’s crazy!

Moreso than it speaks to the lack of things to do among gamers, it shows how fall we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of intrigue. Due to the lack of copyrighted audio in Twitch VoD’s and reductions to play length in past broadcast VoD’s, the wits of the community has been thrown asunder, turning them into brainless rubes who stare at a fish playing a video game while it goes about its normal day life, blissfully unaware it is putting on a show for thousands to view live.*

Look at what you’ve done, Twitch. Fish Plays Pokemon is your doing!

*Or it’s just something that is genuinely intriguing to see, especially due to its technical and technological ingenuity.  

h/t NeoGAF


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