Tekken 7 Coming To Arcades Next February


As leaked, then announced, during Evo 2014, Tekken 7 is the latest entry in the famed fighting game series. In keeping with tradition, the game will be making its first stop in Japanese arcades next year, according to Avoiding The Puddle. This news comes after location tests at two venues in Japan, showing off some of the game’s new characters and gameplay mechanics, among other features.

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Speaking of game mechanics, Shoryuken expands on the story to discuss the new features coming to Tekken 7. Rage Arts allows for strong, special moves to become able to activate once a character’s health threshold dips low enough, while Power Crushes break through a character’s block without interruption. This is in conjunction with the reveal of new fighters Katarina and Claudio.

With a February 2015 arcade release for Tekken 7, consoles aren’t that far behind. Using Unreal Engine 4, it means that we won’t see the game be released on Xbox 360 or PS3. It also means avoiding the Wii U, however, so add another game to the unfortunately-growing list. Either way, it’s great to see next-gen-specific games, let alone a shallow genre that is fighting games. Perhaps the console version may even come out before Evo 2015? That would be an interesting development, for sure.

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