Rob Riggle Is Frank West In The Dead Rising Movie


The Dead Rising movie (which apparently now has a subtitle so it’s Dead Rising: Watchtower has found it’s Frank West in Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle.

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Riggle has a really varied comedy background, and hopefully that will come into play in making Dead Rising: Watchtower a horror comedy rather than straight up horror, which would certainly be more in the spirit of the game series it’s based on.

That being said, Dead Rising: Watchtower is a straight-to-dvd/digital release rather than a full-fledged theatrical release, which doesn’t give me a whole lot of hope for it. Also worrying is that the director has previously described his vision for the film as “Indiana Jones with zombies”, which doesn’t sound anything like the Dead Rising series. There is no official release date yet for Dead Rising: Watchtower, but it will be available on Sony’s streaming service Crackle (which might be considered ironic since the franchise is much more closely associated with Microsoft’s Xbox consoles) prior to being available on DVD.


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