Mighty No 9 Teases New DLC, Ways To Take Your Money


Despite still being in production that will take at least half a year more to develop, Comcept, the company behind the Kickstarter-backed Mighty No 9, continues to look at new ways to increase worry-free crowdfunding money. That includes currently-in-conceptualization bonus DLC for a game we know little about, with a trailer to boot.

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The DLC teaser for Mighty No 9 doesn’t tell much beyond a stylized video, with the exception of what appears to be a Mega Man x Zero ripoff. What we do know is that the teaser does say that you can check the game’s website at mightyno9.com soon “for details on how to make it possible.” While that is not an official confirmation just yet, it does seems like a third possible crowdfunding campaign is on its way.

If you haven’t been following the crowdfunding saga behind Mighty No 9, let’s look at a basic run down. About a year ago on September 1st, 2013, Keiji Inafune (Mega Man) launched a Kickstarter for the game with a goal of raising $900,000. After the first campaign was completed a month later, Inafune and his company Comcept raised over $3.8 million. Even though those millions were enough to cover costs to develop for several consoles and handhelds, plus add more single player and online features, Inafune decided that it wasn’t enough.

In July of this year, Inafune announced a second crowdfunding campaign, with the goal of an extra $100,00 to add English voice acting to Mighty No 9. Even though it was decided upon by the community, Comcept is still leaving open the option to raise an extra $100,000 to add Japanese voice acting.

One crowdfunding campaign seemed fine. A second campaign for voice acting, even if Comcept should have accounted for that when crafting their $4+ million budget, could be argued. A third campaign concerning DLC for a game not close to release, especially with funding from an anime series in the pipeline? Not only would it be unnecessary, but it would be arguably exploitative of its fans. With the game’s development in full swing and seemingly as on schedule as a Kickstarter project can be, throwing in a DLC teaser for a title that’s not even complete has the appearance of baiting for more money directly from fans. And when it comes to Kickstarter fans, it’s easier to ask for more when they’ve already given, especially if it appeals to justification.

Mighty No 9 looks to be released by April 2015, and is slated to be released on PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and more.

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