Doctor Who And The Dalek Teaches Kids To Code


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that really encouraged kids to learn programming at a young age and help bring us the next generation of programmers? Well a new Doctor Who game is at least aiming for that goal.

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The Doctor and the Dalek will feature the newest Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, as he is actually helping one of his mortal enemies, a Dalek, who is in distress and the Doctor will try and help it by reprogramming it. Players will learn about variables, repetition and loops so they can program the Dalek’s behavior in order to safely send it through various platforming levels.

Doctor Who and The Dalek will be released on this Wednesday, October 22nd for free on PC (but only currently available to people in the UK. Hopefully, Doctor Who and The Dalek or at least something like it that encourages kids to learn programming will come out over here soon. You can check out a video feature on the game below:


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