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Learn 50 New Things About Smash Bros. For Wii U This Thursday


Need to know more about the upcoming Smash Bros. for Wii U? How about 50 more things? That’s what Nintendo is promising in a new direct focused on their big holiday title for the Wii U console.

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The livestream event will take place this Thursday at 6pm EST. As to what those 50 things will be? Some will probably be very trivial tidbits, and anyone hoping for some last minute additions to the roster are out of luck. Most likely the Smash Bros. stream will focus on modes, some of which may have already been leaked, such a stage creator mode, a game board mode and a challenge mode with different challenges from both Master Hand and Crazy Hand. As long as it’s not like the time Chris Jericho listed 1,004 holds and most of them were “armbar”, I’m sure it’ll be exciting stuff to learn.

WCW – Chris Jericho – The Man of 1004 Holds



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