Final Fantasy VI Meets…Wu Tang Clan?


Today marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI releasing in North America. Titled “Final Fantasy III” due to the release schedule available in the US, Canada and Mexico, its soundtrack may be regarded as Nobou Uematsu’s finest work. Composer and remix aficionado 2 Mello has the same appreciation with Uematsu’s work as I do, as today he has released a mashup of the music of Final Fantasy VI and the Wu-Tang Clan. 2 Mello had previously mixed 90’s JRPG with hip-hop/rap with the release of Chrono Jigga last year, containing the music of Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z. It’s called “Final Fantasy – The 3-6 Chambers.”

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While I’m not much of a hardcore hip-hop fan, the combination of 36 Chambers reflecting the number change between games, plus the careful mix between the original soundtrack and overlaid rap lyrics makes quite the combination. You can tell that 2 Mello put a lot of time and care into this creation, offering his own openings to certain songs that link between his work and that of the Clan. “Final Fantasy – The 3-6 Chambers” carries the following Final Fantasy VI tracks, re-worked with the Wu-Tang release:

  1. “Edgar and Sabin/Terra’s Theme Medley” – Those In Power
  2. “Terra’s Theme” – Magic Ruins Everything Around Me
  3. “Wild West” – Got Your Treasure
  4. “Edgar and Sabin” – Figaro Kids
  5. “Strago” – Shimmy Shimmy Strago
  6. “Another World of Beasts” – Beasts Under The Surface
  7. “Aria de Mezzo Carattere” – R.E.C. The Opera
  8. “Overture (Part 1)” – Rebel Daggers
  9. “Shadow” – Da Mystery of Shadow-Boxin’
  10. “The Fierce Battle” – Escape
  11. “Returners” – The Returners
  12. “Battle Theme” – Battle Pit
  13. “Dark World” – Epitaph For The World
  14. “Searching For Friends” – The Crew Is Back

If you’re interested, you can check out this Final Fantasy VI tribute below, which will also link you to 2 Mello’s Bandcamp page. If you liked Chrono Jigga, are a fan of the best Final Fantasy game or just like all sorts of music, you should show your support!

h/t Kotaku

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