Resident Evil HD Producer Talks About Game Improvements


When it comes to making a classic title an HD title, a lot more goes into the technical development than “hitting the 1080p button.” There are a great deal more things to do and techniques to implement than that. That’s why Yoshiaki Hirabayashia, producer of Resident Evil HD, helped explain what’s new in the upcoming remaster of the 2002 “REmake.”

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As you can see in the video, the pre-rendered backgrounds make a return, albeit with new animations to ambient objects including candlelight. Also of note in the upcoming Resident Evil HD is a cinematic pan in the camera angles. In most of the original games, the video image of the background had been static, with only character movements acting in motion. Now, it seems like the camera angle will tilt directionally to add more of a pan motion to where you’re going. Hopefully, this will become as optional as the switches to 4:3 aspect ratio and the “tank controls”-based movement.

Moving on, while the original REmake of Resident Evil featured movie files to animate moving background objects, advances in games development means that things like branches in the foreground or moths in the background are animated with polygons in Resident Evil HD. This was a decision as to improve the graphical quality of the product, as the movie files blown up at 1080p didn’t meet their standard of quality. It’s statements like those that give hope to a proper Capcom port; putting in extra work to get it right shows how much they respect the classics that brought them success.

Resident Evil HD will be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 in Early 2015.

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