Final Fantasy VI Set To A Symphonic Poem Is A Delight


There are no bones about it; Final Fantasy VI is my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time. It may even be one of my favorite video games of all time. That’s why I was so happy to hear that the music of Final Fantasy VI had been set to an 18 minute symphonic poem this year, by none other than The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Titled “Born with the Gift of Magic,” the arrangement by Roger Wanamo is nothing short of brilliant.

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Focused more on the tonal thematics and the music tracks of antagonist Kefka and our main protagonist Terra Branford, the original performance was recorded in June this year as part of what they call the “Final Symphony.” It is focused on the music of Final Fantasy VI, VII and X (some of the best soundtracks in the series), and will become a purchasable album in the future.

That’s great news, because the music of games composing great Nobou Uematsu receiving a proper orchestral adaptation is always as excellent as his music itself. The symphonic poem is much more focused and given its own flow of life than what would normally occur in a straight “cover” of Uematsu’s work, if you will. The way each section of the orchestra complements one another speaks to the excellence of the piece, as well as the composition itself. You can listen to the entire Final Fantasy VI symphonic poem below, or watch the video itself at the link in the first paragraph. It will definitely be worth your time!

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