Over 3 Million Guardians Play Destiny Daily


Well, whatever other problems certain people may have with the game, a lot of people are certainly playing Destiny…

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How many you ask? Well roughly 3.2 million PER DAY, logging an average of 3 hours per day. That’s pretty impressive. In fact, according to Bungie, in the last 3 weeks Destiny has had more online players than Halo 3 and Halo: Reach combined.

Of course, while it is a very impressive number, it’ll be interesting to see if Destiny an sustain the momentum with the avalanche of big titles coming out in the next two months and keep players interested with the content it has until it’s first major expansion, The Dark Below, sometime in December. I’d also be interested in how that breaks down by platform. Things like weekly events will certainly help, but Destiny may need to step up its game with all the stiff competition it’s facing this holiday season and going into 2015.


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