Will Neotopia Be PS4’s Home?


PlayStation Home is closing down in March of next year. It was an interesting idea that certainly had loads of potential. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to most of it. But a team of ex-PlayStation Home devs are hoping to launch its spiritual successor on PS4.

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Neotopia is their Kickstarter project and it’s a virtual world running on the Unreal 4 engine. The developers are looking for roughly $400,000 to fund Neoptopia, where you can create & customize an avatar, meet people, explore public spaces and participate in various events & activities.

"Neotopia‘s vision is to bring together like-minded people who can interact, build, share and play.A world where you can make new friends and keep in touch with old ones in any setting you choose. A world with everything from idyllic beaches to mountain peaks, from Medieval castles to shining metropolis’ of the future. All of which is your playground. All of which is YOURS.”Neotopia is undoubtedly a grand undertaking; virtual worlds are huge and complex, with their own rules and laws,” the studio said.The amount of money we are raising is much lower than many would expect as the core team will be taking minimal salaries (and in several cases zero). Our biggest challenge will be to get the project delivered in a stable state with a steady stream of content ready which we can then use to expand and grow Neotopia post-launch.Once we are up and running the trick will be to be cope with variable server loads as efficiently as possible, taking on staff as required to help keep Neotopia ticking over smoothly 24 hours a day. We will also need to recruit community managers experienced in all issues of virtual worlds to help us mediate and develop Neotopia along with its community"

Certainly sounds like they are very passionate about the project. If you want to donate to their Kickstarter, here is the link.


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