The Crew Staying On Production Line Until December


The Crew is a fascinating oddity of a title. Back when I tried it out at Fan Expo Canada, it did really drive home the notion of an “open world racer,” where the “world” feels as wide-reaching as the word. It is of little surprise, because of this sense of openness that the game tries to provide, that Ubisoft has announced today the game will be delayed until December 2nd. A second console beta will take place in its stead sometime in November, allowing for the game’s developers to test out the console servers better.

Additionally, the developers at Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are using the delay for The Crew constructively by using the added time to add in player features and suggestions requested during previous betas. For example, the source Ubisoft blog notes that players will be able to fully remove the HUD to better enjoy the scenery on display. Furthermore, the devs are working to enhance the difficulty of opponent AI, in addition to improving voice chat capabilities.

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It’s great to see that the developers for The Crew are so open in what they’re doing with the extra time that necessitates a delay. While I’d argue that a small portion of the reasoning also comes from the fact that both Assassin’s Creed games are coming out on November 11th (making 3 Ubisoft releases on one day), telling us what’s getting added in with the time provides at least some comfort in accountability. It’s a shame that it won’t see a release before Black Friday, but with what Ubisoft is hoping to accomplish with their adventurous racing game, perhaps it will ultimately be worth the weight.

The Crew will now be released on December 2nd for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

h/t Polygon

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