Project Spark Out Of Beta, Releases Oct 7th


Project Spark, Xbox One’s exclusive sandbox game that just pretty much allows you to create what you want with it’s assets, be it a game or a movie, is now out of beta and will be available for all Xbox One users for free on Tuesday, October 7th.

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Developer Team Dakota has vowed to support Project Spark with improvements, new features and content-packs post-launch. While Project Spark‘s initial content is free, add-on packs will cost extra, and will be available both digitally and in retail stores.

Additionally, if you’ve been in the beta, or play the beta for Project Spark before 11:59 est on October 5th, you will get bonus content in the form of a special beta rewards package and anything you created in the beta will carry over to the full release.

It’ll be interesting to see what projects pop up from Project Spark assuming it lives up to its potential. Certainly could be some groundbreaking stuff if they allow people to truly be creative.


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