Destiny’s Latest Patch Improves Loot Drops


I’m enjoying Destiny quite a bit, but I think even the most fervent fan of Bungie’s latest sci-fi adventure can agree that the loot system is downright broken. Luckily, 1.02 patch will address one the biggest problems.

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Up until this latest patch, if your loot drop happened to be a legendary or rare engram, there as no guarantee that in fact it was a legendary or rare item. In fact, the odds were very high it as something completely useless. This latest patch guarantees that Legendary loot will always be a legendary, and rare items will always be rare, with increased probability that rare loot will actually be a legendary item as well. This still doesn’t address the nonsensical ways loot seems to be handed out in multi-player, but it’s a good start to fixing one of the many glaring issues Destiny has. I’d like to reiterate though that I really enjoy playing the game still and look for a column on Destiny later this month.


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