Check Out WWE 2K15 In All Its 16-Bit Glory


Sure, you could get WWE 2K15 on your shiny new Xbox One or PS4 and experience wrestlers like John Cena or Daniel Bryan in unprecedented realism, but why do that when you can relive the glory days of 16-bit wrestling with the 16-bit version of WWE 2K15?

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Unfortunately, the video is not real, but it would be a kind of cool pre-order freebie to offer with the game. As fun as the nostalgia factor is, a lot of those old 16-bit wrestling games do not hold up well at all. Now if you were to offer a basic re-skin of the N64 games, slightly sped up, I’d be all for that as that seems to be where wrestling games have peaked. We’ll be able to see for ourselves if WWE 2K15 hits a new high for wrestling games when it launches October 28th for the PS3 & 360 and on November 18th for the PS4 & Xbox One.


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