Steelseries New Siberia Headset Line – Something for Everyone


In the highly competitive world of gaming headsets, Steelseries has firmly entrenched itself among the best.  Today, their most famous line gets a complete makeover.  Steelseries announced it will be releasing six new headsets from their Siberia line.  Each one bringing different styles, price points, options, and more.

The first new headset in the Siberia line is perhaps its most popular, the Siberia v3 ($99 / €99,99).  The v3 utilizes the Steelseries suspension band to ensure the utmost comfort during long gaming sessions.  The v3 has been outfitted with brand new drivers, in hopes of achieving even better sound than the previous versions. This headset is available in white or black and equipped with a dual-jack extension, allowing these to be used with PC, MAC, different consoles and mobile devices.

Steelseries is also releasing an upgraded version of the v3,  aptly named the Siberia v3 Prism ($139.99 / €139,99).  This new addition will have everything the original v3 has, but it will also come with the Steelseries Engine.  

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This extra feature allows for customizing and improving different sound profiles for different games, depending on your personal preferences.  Not only can you save them, but you can access them from anywhere via the Steelseries


, so that you never have your profiles without you.  This headset also comes with a higher quality microphone, and the ability to


, or set different illuminations for different game sounds or events.

Not to be outdone, Steelseries also improved their flagship headset in the line.  The Siberia Elite ($199.99 / €199,99) will have an upgraded microphone, and a brand new sound card to help improve the overall sound quality in the headset.  Steelseries said it has also improved the ear cushions to improve comfort during long game sessions.  As before, the new Siberia Elite brings Dolby Headphone® and Dolby Pro Logic Iix® capabilities for up to 7.1 virtual surround sound.  These also come with swappable cables for PC, MAC, PS4 and mobile devices.

The last headset that Steelseries announced was the Siberia RAW Prism ($59.99 / €59,99).  Steelseries wanted to add an economical addition to its line of Siberia headsets and the RAW Prism is just that.  The headset has the illumination capabilities of up to 16.8 million different colors, a built-in microphone and also utilizes the Steelseries Engine Software.  It is powered via a USB connection, giving it compatibility with PC, MAC, PS4 and others.

The all new line of Steelseries Siberia headsets are either available for pre-order or purchase today from

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