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Bloodborne Exec Explains Why Game Is Only Possible On PS4


On the eve of the release of the final part of the “Crowns” DLC trilogy for Dark Souls II, From Software are looking forward towards the future of their action RPG entries. The most prominent one, being Bloodborne, will be released exclusively for the PS4 next year, which is an oddity for a Japanese-released video game produced for Sony’s newest console. Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained to PlayStation LifeStyle the reasoning surrounding the jump to next-gen-only Bloodborne play.

“I always wanted to make a game set in the Victorian era, but to make it look good — with all the clothing and the architecture and things — required a console more powerful than the ones that were around,” Miyazaki expounds. “The arrival of the PS4 finally gave us that. Bloodborne isn’t a game that could have been cross-generation, it was only possible on PS4.”

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The reason it is odd for a major title like Bloodborne, from a Japanese developer, (with development help from SCE Japan Studio) to be released this way is because not many titles released in Japan don’t also see a release on the PS3. For example, the Yakuza launch title for the PS4, Yakuza Ishin, also saw release on the PS3. So, too, will the next Yakuza game also see a PS3 release. A great deal of the reasoning behind putting PS4 games also on the PS3 is not just for the larger install base, but also because the console market is dying in Japan. The fact that the PS4 has not broken past 3/4 of a million units sold in Japan over 9 months in its home country despite the console selling more than 10 million units worldwide speaks a harsh truth to this notion.

However, for those who do own the PS4, it means that Bloodborne will also be developed with the focus on just one console and all of its capabilities. A great deal of cross-gen games don’t look as visually-stunning as those that come out purely on 8th-gen devices and PC because of the 512 MB RAM limitations of the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Developing games with those consoles in mind means sacrificing what you can do with AI, gameplay and physics to be transferable across the board. Hopefully the gameplay and story will be strong enough to support the enhancements in Bloodborne’s graphics.

Bloodborne will be released exclusively on the PS4, available here in North America on February 6, 2015.

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