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A Wild Smash Bros Wii U Bundle Appears (On Amazon)


Discovered by a user on NeoGAF, just before the Smash Bros 3DS reviews were allowed to go live in North America, a Smash Bros Wii U bundle has made an appearance on Amazon. It retails for $99.99 and comes with the Wii U game, the Gamecube controller adapter and an official Smash Bros-branded Gamecube controller. You can pre-order now. The existence of a bundle has been known to come for some time, with the adaptor itself running up the cost of $20 and each controller costing $30. That means the expected price of everything in the Smash Bros Wii U bundle sold separately would see users spend $110, resulting in savings of $10 with the bundle. 10% off isn’t really anything to snuff at, all things considered, especially when you see Nintendo cater its accessory releases for one hardcore fighting game community.

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That said, after playing several matches of Smash Bros

earlier this year

, it just felt like it was playing as intended with the Gamecube controller, even if it is an optional controller. The Wii U’s Pro Controller is great in its own right, and even playing on the GamePad is a viable option. I’m glad that Nintendo is taking a risk making these products with an inherently-niche audience in mind. Hopefully, that $100 price point for the Smash Bros Wii U bundle isn’t too much to make their consumers balk.

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