Better Know Your Mordor With New Shadow Of Mordor Trailer


Excited for Shadow of Mordor, the fantasy action game due out this Tuesday, Septmeber 30th for Xbox One and PS4 (out November 18th for 360 & PS3)? You should be, it’s one of the more promising titles out this year and this new trailer gives you a good primer on all what you should know before going in:

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The trailer lets you know the setting, the main characters, pre-order bonuses & season pass content of Shadow of Mordor, but more importantly, I think it has the best explanation of Shadow of Mordor‘s cofusing but-awesome sounding “nemesis system”, which is an exclusive feature you will only get on the Xbox One & PS4 versions of Shadow of Mordor. I’ve heard many a podcast try to explain this system and not do it very well, then claim it’s hard to explain, but you’ll get it when you’ll actually play the game, and it’s awesome. This video actually does a really good job succintly explaining what the “nemesis system” in Shadow of Mordor is and how it’s used in the game. I’ll be very pumped to finally try this game out on Tuesday, September 30th.


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